Far Corner Inc

Far Corner brings you innovative supply chain solutions.

Expert Trading Limited, the oldest of the Far Corner companies, was founded in 1991, after Myers successfully sold a financial software company. The company’s mission continues to be providing high quality books and educational products directly to high level investors and traders. This company, now Far Corner Media (previously Traders’ Library), has evolved into a global provider of a full range of products including books, e-books, videos, conferences, webinars, and mentoring services to the financial community. Far Corner Media maintains a customer database of more than 200,000 of the most active traders in the world and hosts at least two live conferences annually featuring finance’s leading experts.

In 1995, Far Corner Publishing (formerly Marketplace Books, Inc.) was created to develop and publish proprietary content for sale into the active investor community. Since then, the company has become one of the largest publishers of books for high level investors and the largest publisher of educational video content for traders in the world. Far Corner Publishing owns over 500 products from the leading names in the industry including Jack Schwager, Robert Prechter, Sheldon Natenberg and Larry McMillan. The company’s titles have been translated into a dozen languages and are sold directly to consumers by Far Corner Media, through a network of hundreds of affiliated companies, and through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

As the company’s infrastructure grew, Myers expanded beyond the financial vertical and, in 2001 started Far Corner eCommerce (selling on marketplaces as SuperBookDeals (SBD)) to exploit the new “marketplace” sales channels of eBay, Amazon, and other major Internet sites. Far Corner eCommerce has grown to offer over 8,000,000 media products on twenty four major Internet sites in six different currencies. In order to build this business in the competitive landscape of the Internet, Myers focused the company’s resources on development of custom technology. Over its first decade of operation, the company has created an extensive, proprietary software system that allows it to offer an enormous array of products to a global audience at the absolute best price. Far Corner eCommerce currently serves millions of customers and is among the top tier of Internet merchants in the sales channel.

Far Corner Wholesale (formerly Great Sage, LLC) was created in 2008 in response to market demand beyond the direct to consumer channel. The company leveraged the global supply and logistics routes pioneered by Far Corner eCommerce to provide products to resellers and large consumers around the world. Far Corner Wholesale’s staff develops deep relationships with businesses around the globe that have a continuous need for diverse product types.

The competitiveness of the Far Corner eCommerce business and the diversity and breadth of needs of the Far Corner Wholesale customer, required that the companies develop and perfect a global supply chain that delivered products, whether one item to a consumer or ocean containers full of multiple products. The expertise that was acquired through the maturation of Far Corner eCommerce and Far Corner Wholesale formed the basis of the companies’ logistics and transportation firm, Far Corner Logistics (formerly Forward Transit). Almost immediately upon its incorporation in early 2010, Far Corner Logistics has provided a full range of services to third parties across multiple industries including zone skipping mail distribution, domestic trucking management, import/export facilitation, ocean freight, warehousing and logistics services and a full cycle management of companies’ transportation.

Far Corner’s philanthropic culture inspired the beginning of Far Corner Give Back. This unique division was started as a result of a contract with Ft. Meade Army Base in Maryland to help collect and sell used books from the base and its partners to generate a revenue stream to support military families. This program has already expanded beyond this contract and will grow to help many deserving charities.

All of the Far Corner companies are autonomous and run by an impressive array of industry professionals. These executives are able to leverage the full breadth of resources and experience of their sister companies through routine “management summits”. Far Corner coordinates this inter-company exchange and provides a robust backbone of support including financial, legal, capital, logistics, technology, and human resources.

As the Far Corner group of companies grows, the potential expands exponentially. The resources that are continually developed by the companies are constantly assessed by Myers and the management teams. New ideas are vetted against business cases and resources are then applied into any new area that can deliver quality products, support the career growth of the company’s staff and generate breakout profit. Growth is rampant at Far Corner.

Why Far Corner?

The nascence of the enterprise’s name, Far Corner, Inc, originates from Myers’ early life experience and illustrates his basic philosophy – opportunity is everywhere:

“When I was in high school, I was not one of the ‘in crowd’. At school dances, I would huddle with the rest of the awkward kids in the corner of the gym, unsure of how to take a first step out of the shadows. As I grew older I noticed that, invariably, most of us learned about our individual strengths, often through the help of a close friend or mentor, and have managed to make our way. And, in business, many opportunities can be found in ‘The Far Corner’. With just a little attention to ‘the corners’ and proper support, great businesses will emerge.”