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Far Corner Publishing DBA Marketplace Books - mpbpub@marketplacebooks.com

Founded: 1991
Strengths: Results oriented solutions for packaging, leveraging, and distributing trading related content.
Mission: To make effective information available to consumers in a variety of formats and channels to best meet their needs.
Company Leader:
John Boyer, VP & General Manager

Far Corner Publishing is the preeminent publisher of trading, investing, and finance material. We publish high quality content produced in a variety of formats that showcase the exceptional talent working in the investment world today. We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility in the expanding realm of publishing, both in print and digital media.

We’ve long known that the Internet is making the world smaller and connecting people in ways we once never thought possible. It is companies like Marketplace Books that are facilitating this change, and directly connecting authors and content-generators with readers and information-seekers in a highly personalized way.

This is the new role of publishers and content providers; far from the relationship that old-school publishers have with their readers, which consists of very little direct interaction. Far Corner Publishing has a unique ability to leverage their extensive network of partners and industry experts and deliver their content directly to consumers.

Our editors understand that markets change and that content has to be tailored to specific audiences. We offer a rare mixture of traditional editorial talent and an outgoing, future-minded personality that’s always open to new ideas. This open-mindedness defines the publishing team.

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John BoyerJohn Boyer has been with the enterprise for over 20 years and has helped facilitate the growth of the organization into multiple, diverse divisions. After joining the team from a major financial publishing company in Chicago John put his roll-your-sleeves up attitude into helping many of the departments and divisions get started and expand. His commitment to the team and creating opportunities for them to grow and learn is evident in all of his efforts. A die hard Cubs fan and an Ironman Triathlete, John applies exceptional perseverance to all he does.