Far Corner Inc.

Far Corner Technology- technology@farcornerinc.com

Founded: 2012
Strengths: Being able to rapidly import and export feeds of data to a variety of sites, ensuring a competitive pricing strategy, profit margin maintenance, and stock quality.
Mission: To most effectively utilize existing and new relationships in a variety of marketplaces to offer customers around the world the best prices and the best service possible.
Company Leader: James Ferro

Far Corner Technology is a cutting edge technology company, providing rapid, turnkey access to millions of customers worldwide through ecommerce sales channels. Serving clients of any size who desire to sell virtually any product, Far Corner Technology utilizes its proprietary, state-of-the-art software and decade-long expertise to manage the entire process of selling products around the world regardless of currency. From catalogs of 10 to 10,000,000 products, the Far Corner Technology software lists products for sale on sites including Amazon, eBay, Buy.com, and thirty other marketplaces around the world.

All aspects of operating on these global platforms are managed including:

Far Corner Technology’s software generates revenue very quickly from major global sites that are visited by tens of millions of customers per day, while providing constant reporting to ensure customer satisfaction and maximized revenue and profit. Timelines for implementation are often only a few weeks..

The multinational team is led by a group with over 50 years of collective experience with these online selling channels. Their development teams can provide virtually any custom adaptation to the software to better serve any client.

Clients of Far Corner Technology not only use the software to sell new product, but also to liquidate large quantities of unwanted, out dated, or returned products quickly by utilizing the system’s proprietary pricing algorithms and global reach to gain the highest price possible as well as offer the product in international markets that may allow faster or more profitable sales opportunities.

Phone Number: 410-423-0873

James FerroJames Ferro serves CTO of Far Corner Technology and has been with the company since 1992, when he started as its third employee. This was a time of break-neck developments in the area of technology, with the first internet browsers coming into use. As a passionate computer science student and eager to apply technology in the fledgling enterprise, James drove the development of the first business applications. These have extended to a dynamic international framework of wide-ranging systems with applications in EDI, ERP, supply chain, data mining, wholesale, and retail which support all Far Corner business units and external clients.

Currently, James oversees a technology department encompassing engineers in several countries including his native Colombia, South America. James, together with his wife, enjoy dedicating over 70 hours per month to charitable volunteer work with the local Spanish-speaking community.