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Founded: 2009
Strengths: Creating global supply channels with optimal logistics to establish an ideal wholesale network.
Mission: Provide unparalleled full-service support using proven, efficient processes, innovation and technology.
Company Leader: John Boyer, COO

Far Corner Wholesale is a business-to-business trading company primarily focused on textbooks for the academic market. With more than 10 years of experience in the book retail industry, our staff has established strong relationships with suppliers around the globe and developed unique and sophisticated software, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.

At Far Corner Wholesale, we aim to source high-quality products from the most reputable suppliers and distributors around the world and deliver our personalized services to clients and suppliers alike. We have the unique ability to provide our customers with exceptionally fast and reliable transportation service at the lowest possible rates.

Although we specialize in books and other educational products, our exclusive technology and vast experience can be applied to virtually any commodity. We are always looking for new partners with whom we can develop a new, mutually beneficial trading relationship, so please feel free to submit your enquiry here.

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John BoyerJohn Boyer has been with the enterprise for over 20 years and has helped facilitate the growth of the organization into multiple, diverse divisions. After joining the team from a major financial publishing company in Chicago John put his roll-your-sleeves up attitude into helping many of the departments and divisions get started and expand. His commitment to the team and creating opportunities for them to grow and learn is evident in all of his efforts. A die hard Cubs fan and an Ironman Triathlete, John applies exceptional perseverance to all he does.